Coming in Hardcover March 28, 2023

#1 best-selling author Lisa Scottoline delivers Loyalty, an emotional, action-packed epic of love and justice, set during the rise of the Mafia in Sicily.

Loyalty can save a soul, or destroy one.

Franco Fiorvanti is a handsome lemon grower toiling on the estate of a baron. He dreams of owning his own grove, but the rigid class system of Sicily thwarts his ambition. Determined to secure a better future, Franco will do anything to prove his loyalty to the baron. But when the baron asks him to kidnap a little boy named Dante, Franco makes a decision that will change his life, and even the history of Sicily, forever.

Gaetano Catalano is an idealistic young lawyer whose devotion to justice is tantamount to a calling. He’s a member of the Beati Paoli, a real-life secret society of aristocrats who investigate crime in Palermo, a city riddled with graft. Gaetano sets out to find the boy and punish the kidnapper, but his mission leads him to a darker place than he had ever imagined.

Meanwhile, Mafalda Pancari is a new mother rejoicing at the birth of her daughter Lucia, when disaster strikes. And Alfredo D’Antonio is a goatherd living as a hermit, under constant threat of being discovered as a Jew.

This cast of unforgettable characters collides in this epic tale of good versus evil, as Loyalty twists and turns to its monumental showdown. Readers will be transported to the dramatic and ruggedly beautiful island of Sicily, the jewel of the Mediterranean, where lush lemon groves and mouth-watering cuisine contrast with a turbulent history of colonization and corruption. Scottoline brings her decades of thriller writing to historical fiction, creating in Loyalty a singular novel that no reader will be able to put down.

“This brilliantly-told story about the rise of the Mafia is an unforgettable saga of the powers of corruption and courage, injustice and honor, family secrets, loyalty, and love set against the evocative backdrop of Sicily. Scottoline deftly explores the darkest passions and the deepest compassion of human nature in a fabulously twisty historical thriller that will keep you guessing until the very end.”

—Meg Waite Clayton, author of The Postmistress of Paris

“The enormously talented Lisa Scottoline took a beautiful leap into historical fiction with 2021’s Eternal, one of my favorite novels of that year. And now, almost impossibly, she has outdone herself with Loyalty, a heart-pounding, emotional thrill ride through Sicily, tracing the tragic, violent dawn of the Mafia with the finesse of a storyteller born to breathe life into Italy’s hidden tales. In a world so well-drawn you can almost taste the lemon-scented night air, the plump green olives, the goat cheese from the mountains, and the fish fresh from the cerulean sea, she brings to life a motley cast of brilliantly drawn characters, including a kidnapped boy raised in a madhouse, a reclusive cheesemaker with a secret, a lawyer with a divine calling, a girl so luminous she seems to embody light itself, and two twin brothers whose winding road to power is soaked with the blood of innocent men. Loyalty is a beautiful, bold, and brilliant masterpiece that, in the spirit of The Godfather, reminds us of the perils of blind allegiance, the consequences of betrayal, and the lengths to which one will go for family. A breathtaking tour de force.”
—Kristin Harmel, New York Times bestselling author of The Forest of Vanishing Stars

“A poignant, masterfully-crafted epic novel set in Sicily during the rise of the Mafia, Loyalty places unforgettable characters on a collision course, as ambition and the quest for power threaten the bonds of family, society, justice, and love. Rich with intrigue and secrets, tension and tenderness (not to mention the intoxicating scent of lemon groves!), this is Lisa Scottoline at her best!”
—Jennifer Rosner, award-winning author of The Yellow Bird Sings and Once We Were Home

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