Behind the Book

Tour the Sicily of LOYALTY With Lisa Through This Interactive Map!

This map allows you to explore Sicily with #1 bestselling author Lisa Scottoline, showing the behind-the-scenes research and inspiration for her historical fiction LOYALTY, and seeing actual locations mentioned in the book. LOYALTY is an emotional, action-packed epic of love and justice, set during the rise of the Mafia in Sicily. Andiamo!

“Talking LOYALTY with Lisa”
Video Series

Episode 1: Introducing LOYALTY

Episode 2: Center of Palermo: Quattro Canti

Episode 3: Cathedral Monreale and Colonization

Episode 4: Lemon Grove – Conca d’Oro

Episode 5: Porticello: A Fishing Village

Episode 6: San Biagio Platani, an inland village

Episode 7: Saint Rosalia Grotto

Episode 8: Cathedral of Palermo

Episode 9: Beati Paoli

Episode 10: Convent of Saint Caterina, Palermo

Episode 11: Palazzo Chiaramonte and the Inquisition

Episode 12: Bagheria

Episode 13: Villa Palagonia

Episode 14: Food of Sicily

Episode 15: The Royal Madhouse of Palermo

Episode 16: Giovanni Falcone Monument and Pagliarelli Prison

Episode 17: The Arts in Sicily and the Power of Story

Episode 18: Nobility of Sicily

Episode 19: Mount Etna

Episode 20: Mussomeli, Sicily