Behind the Book

Tour the Rome of ETERNAL With Lisa Through This Interactive Map!

Behind the Book:
“Talking Eternal with Lisa” Video Series

Episode 1: Lisa in the Eternal City

Episode 2: Introducing Elisabetta

Episode 3: Introducing Marco

Episode 4: Introducing Sandro

Episode 5: The Catacomb of St. Calisto

Episode 6: The Jewish Ghetto of Rome

Episode 7: Palazzo Braschi, Fascist Headquarters

Episode 8: Villa Torlonia, Mussolini’s Rome Residence

Episode 9: Fossoli Camp

Episode 10: Museum of the Italian Holocaust

Episode 11: Via Tasso, Gestapo Headquarters

Episode 12: Inside Via Tasso, Gestapo Headquarters

Episode 13: Regina Coeli

Episode 14: Fosse Ardeatine

Episode 15: Day of Remembrance, October 16, 2018

Episode 16: Memorial at Collegio Militare

Episode 17: Stolpersteine

Episode 18: The Food of ETERNAL