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Someone Knows

Lisa Scottoline’s most powerful novel to date. Startling, page-turning, and with an ending that’s impossible to forget, this is a tour de force.

Debut Novel from Francesca Serritella

Lisa’s daughter, Francesca Serritella, with whom she has written their funny memoirs every summer, had her first novel published on May 5, 2020. Lisa couldn’t be prouder of her! She thinks you’ll love it too. She hopes you order it today. Her pre-order offer still applies, in that you will get a paperback from their humor series with your order, completely free of charge!


Ghosts of Harvard is written with a masterly, focused hand, belying the fact that this is Serritella’s debut novel. The pages burn with frenetic energy and are peopled by memorable, compelling characters. The tension is palpable, the twists and surprises perfectly timed and the stakes as high as humans should be asked to endure. The end result, a novel you will long remember and characters you will want to see again. A triumph in every respect.”
—#1 New York Times bestselling author David Baldacci

“Wow, what a lively, compelling, and intoxicating debut. Ghosts of Harvard is so many things—a rumination on grief, a glimpse behind the ivory walls of a famous institution, a poignant look at mental illness, and a powerful story about the ghosts that haunt us all. Francesca Serritella is my new ‘go-to’ author.”
—#1 New York Times bestselling author Harlan Coben

“Every time I thought I knew where Ghosts of Harvard was heading, I turned out to be wrong. Part mystery, part ghost story, part psychological thriller, this novel is all entertainment.”
—#1 New York Times bestselling author Jodi Picoult

Lisa Scottoline and Francesca Serritella

Every year, Lisa and Francesca, her daughter and fellow author, host a two-day event for book clubs at Lisa’s farm in Pennsylvania.


Sneak Peek into Lisa’s Next Book Project

Eternal will be Lisa’s first historical novel, which will be set in Italy during the fascist reign of Mussolini.

I became an author because of Philip Roth, his seminar and his books, especially his survey of the harrowing first-person accounts of the Holocaust. Roth admired very much the books of Primo Levi, notably his Survival in Auschwitz, which haunted me for decades to follow. I knew that someday I would write about the Holocaust in Italy and have been researching and studying it since then.

Lisa Scottoline in Italy

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3 days ago

Lisa Scottoline
Time Fugits
By Lisa ScottolineLisa Quarantine here.
Reporting for duty, from my house.
Yes, I know where I am, because Im where we all are, if we can be.
Near the refrigerator.Click to read the rest:

Time Fugits
By Lisa Scottoline

Lisa Quarantine here.
Reporting for duty, from my house.
Yes, I know where I am, because I'm where we all are, if we can be.
Near the refrigerator.

Click to read the rest:
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Yesterday we celebrated my daughter’s “drive through” graduation and it’s the most dressed up/made up I’ve been since March 13!!! It was a lovely ceremony, under the current condition!!

I love it! "Blonde seniors unite!" I am in! As a teacher I always have "summer brain" when I just can't function normally. I agree pandemic brain brought on summer brain a bit early!

I look forward to your column every Sunday. I have semi pandemic brain. I remember the day of the week but not the date since I was laid off on May 1st! I just finished "I Need A Lifeguard Everywhere but the Pool" last night and loved it. I look forward to your books and am glad to hear you are starting the next book. Yay! Enjoy your Sunday.🙂☀️

So glad you didn’t forget to post this article. Really need comedic relief this Sunday. I spent the last week with you Lisa. Read (listened to) four of your books. Well, on fourth now.

I wonder if I'll ever get used to bras again? 🤔 Thank you for a laugh on a really crappy weekend. The weather is gorgeous, the temperature of this country, however, is very high.🙏

I think we are all a bit ditzy right now. It feels like Groundhog Day where we do the same thing day after day after day. Hopefully, this will soon come to pass. I have already pre-ordered “Eternal”. I’m waiting for a new Mary DiNunzio book to come out!!!!!!

First of all...I am "Eternally" grateful for the new book (yeah!) And as always your honesty! I never know what day it is anymore. I have lost all track of time, no longer care what I look like (my coworkers are probably thing - what has happened to her hair?) And my husband is no longer talking to me... I gave him a quarantine haircut. Not good. I kept saying...don't worry it grows back. Maybe I should have kept the oops inside. I need structure! Sorry - I ramble! Lisa you are the best! Love you , Francesca and the menagerie! Keep the honesty coming!!!!

I'm not sure what day it is anymore. I have 3 calendars and they don't help since there is no point of reference. I am either 3 days ahead or behind.

You’re such a ray of sunshine!! Always look for you in the Sunday Inquirer! Your column is the best part of the newspaper! ❤️

Thanks much Lisa ... you are hysterically funny and it is your special brand of humor that helps me get thru this. BTW, I think u should copyright the term "pandemic brain"... lisa h

Oh Lisa you are so not alone. My poor husband only knows what day of the week it is if I am home. My life really didn’t stop I am a nurse but my stress free days off are over and when I am home I have pudding brain we go green next Friday pray for no spike so life can resume

I think we’re all going through this it’s been a long time at home!! I also wear one contact lens for driving and I can read my phone and anything else without reading glasses!! It works for me! Most importantly, you didn’t mention how the dog is who you took to the vet, I hope all is well!!

LOL! Thank you for the humor...and for making me feel I am not alone. I laughed out loud while reading your article! I REALLY needed that!

I'm in that same boat. Accusing myself of early Alzheimer's. But I believe it is Pandemic Brain. Or adult ADHD. Or it could be Circadian Rhythm Sleep Disorder. I have it all. Breathe. Relax. Breathe. #staysafestayhome #loveoneanother

I wait each Sunday to read what you have to say for the week. The week can’t start until I read it. I met you in Philly book signing. I was so excited and you fulfilled my every thought about you. Funny, caring, accident prone, scaredy-cat, loving, all around fun to be with. Wish I could meet you and Francesca again. I would love having lunch with you, you are my idol. Thanks so much.

I opened the paper edition of the Inquirer today, heartbroken. I immediately turned to your page. Thank you for helping me climb out of a funk. yep, Pandemic brain is real. I too am a blondish senior. As a young woman, my family delighted in "blonde jokes" Lately there haven't been many, as it is no longer funny.

Omg that’s me, I definitely have pandemic brain! Don’t know what day it’s! I’m so happy to hear your writing a new book,yippee! Just finishing Francesca book, it’s so good! 🥰

Same sister!! The good news is that every day is full of surprises and some of them are happy ones🤣

I love your column ever Sunday!! Puts a smile on my face in these crazy times!!! Good luck with your writing for the new book!!

Oh my gosh. You hit the nail on the head... except that I'm not a blonde lol. If I didn't put everything into Google calendar with a notification reminder, I'd get nothing done of substance. SENIORS UNITE lol!

As a senior blonde myself doing WFH, and tired of the monotony, this column hit home. Thank you, Lisa!

So right Lisa! I have Pandemic brain too. Foggier than regular fog brain. It begins to clear at 9 PM ... 2 hours of feeling awake. .no fog. Thanks for always telling it the way it really is!!!

I love these essays! Thank you for making this difficult time a little easier.

I have always loved to cook. I REALLY can’t wait to go to a restaurant.

liked the column and was trying to sign up for your newsletter... but... to prove I wasn't a robot, I had to keep checking boxes with traffic lights and bicycles, etc, and it never I did. Sorry... will have to pass...adn, also, they should make the pictures clear enough for those of us who don't wear contacts😜

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