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Someone Knows


Someone Knows

Lisa Scottoline’s most powerful novel to date. Startling, page-turning, and with an ending that’s impossible to forget, this is a tour de force.


Someone Knows

Top Fiction Pick for April —Barnes & Noble
Most Anticipated Mystery & Thriller List for Spring —Goodreads
Mystery & Thriller Best Book of the Month —Amazon
“Must-Listen Audiobook for April” —Apple Books

Bestselling and award-winning author Lisa Scottoline reaches new heights with this riveting novel about how a single decision can undo a family, how our past can derail our present, and how not guilty doesn’t always mean innocent.

Allie Garvey is heading home to the funeral of a childhood friend. Allie is not only grief-stricken, she’s full of dread. Because going home means seeing the other two people with whom she shares an unbearable secret.

Twenty years earlier, an horrific incident shattered the lives of five teenagers, including Allie. Drinking and partying in the woods, they played a dangerous prank that went tragically wrong, turning deadly. The teenagers kept what happened a secret, believing that getting caught would be the worst thing that could happen. But time has taught Allie otherwise. Not getting caught was far worse.

Allie has been haunted for two decades by what she and the others did, and by the fact that she never told a soul. The dark secret has eaten away at her, distancing her from everyone she loves, including her husband. Because she wasn’t punished by the law, Allie has punished herself, and it’s a life sentence.

Now, Allie stands on the precipice of losing everything. She’s ready for a reckoning, determined to learn how the prank went so horribly wrong. She digs to unearth the truth, but reaches a shocking conclusion that she never saw coming–and neither will the reader.

A deeply emotional examination of family, marriage, and the true nature of justice, Someone Knows is Lisa Scottoline’s most powerful novel to date. Startling, page-turning, and with an ending that’s impossible to forget, this is a tour de force by a beloved author at the top of her game.

Praise for Someone Knows

“Scottoline fills the pages with twists and turns and plenty of skeletons in family closets….[fans] will race to the end.”


“[A] heartfelt tale that touches on family, marriage, justice, and how emotional wounds drive the choices people make. Scottoline’s fans will be well satisfied.”

Publishers Weekly
Lisa Scottoline and Francesca Serritella

Every year, Lisa and Francesca, her daughter and fellow author, host a two-day event for book clubs at Lisa’s farm in Pennsylvania.


Sneak Peek into Lisa’s Next Book Project

Eternal will be Lisa’s first historical novel, which will be set in Italy during the fascist reign of Mussolini.

I became an author because of Philip Roth, his seminar and his books, especially his survey of the harrowing first-person accounts of the Holocaust. Roth admired very much the books of Primo Levi, notably his Survival in Auschwitz, which haunted me for decades to follow. I knew that someday I would write about the Holocaust in Italy and have been researching and studying it since then.

Lisa Scottoline in Italy

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2 days ago

Lisa Scottoline
The Second-Marriage Card
By Lisa ScottolineI’m in the wrong business.
Even though I love my job.Click to read the rest:

The Second-Marriage Card
By Lisa Scottoline

I’m in the wrong business.
Even though I love my job.

Click to read the rest:
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Not enough people kept Hallmark in business out in sunny So. Cal. where I live, so one by one all the Hallmark stores disappeared, leaving us with Papyrus, whose prices make Hallmark's look like bargain basement deals. Papyrus sank all their budget in their artists, so the verses, wait, are there any verses? leave much to be desired. So, Lisa, Papyrus needs a good writer, if you are considering moonlighting. You should ask for as much money as the artists receive, which, when combined, would put the price of a single card at a level noone could afford.

And have you ever tried to buy a second marriage card. I did today. The cards out there are filled with sentimental words frills and mush only appropriate for new young love. The second marriage needs a bit less frills and mush. You are perfect at what you do. So if you ever need a break. Please straighten out Hallmark. 🤭😜😂

I'm a card-maker. I use stamps, ink, cardstock and mono prints to make my cards. My cards are one-of-a-kind and people who buy them say they like giving something that is not machine made and not one of thousands made. There are, of course, people who don't care about things like that - and that's OK. On the other hand, my mother keeps every card I make for her. She's 92.

Go to Marshall's they have beautiful cards for all occasions, and most are $1.99.

Lisa, you are so multi-talented. Indeed, you are a fabulous author who I have followed for years but I am just finding out about your great sense of humor. Laughed 'til my face heart when reading your posting about the "Second Marriage Home." You are so on target.

But you have to get just the right one because there are people who will analyze every single word. I gave a . . . person in my life a card that says "I hope you have a happy birthday" and she grabbed my wrist so tight I worried it was going to snap and said "DO you, Barbara? DO YOU?" 😳

I love to send cards...and I help to keep Hallmark in business. Yes, they have gotten more expensive, but I belong to their rewards program, so I'm always getting coupons. The cards-in-cellophane are so beautiful, but expensive too. I only buy them for SUPER special occasions. 🙂

Love you and your books and columns. I can’t wait for the next one!

I wasn't going to post a comment, but I have to. I spent 31 years at the card factory (Hallmark). And yes, they are getting pricey, but it is the insert page, embellishments, multiple ink colors, that little plastic protector, etc., But bottom line, it's the message. And yes, you can now by a 50 cent or dollar card, BY Hallmark, at Dollar Tree stores. It's all about business, but sadly, it is people of "our age" that are still buying cards rather than a text or email. I still buy them, but it's because the ones I love are worth it ! and after 31 years there, it's in my blood.

I swear you crawl inside my mind every time I read one of these posts.... as I had a similar sticker shock trying to find a retirement card for my sister... It, too, was much too pretty to sign with my handwriting 🙄 but I did it anyway... with all the X’s and O’s... and then felt I totally defaced the card 😬 but I sent it nonetheless. It’s still the thought that counts, right?!?

Do love this essay! You are a hoot! So funny and what you say is so true! I homemake Stampin’ up cards. In the process of getting all my Christmas cards made to mail out! Hope you have fun making a card or at least writing extra in it so it’s worth the $$ you paid for it when the person receives it!!! PS thanks for keeping me laughing....always! Xoxo 💕

I love your column,and your books 📚 are the best! Your right cards are expensive,but I like receiving a card! I can’t wait for your new book! Is it coming out in April?

Agree with you, cards are very expensive now and although they are lovely and meaningful, they ultimately end up being thrown away or placed in a memory box that rarely gets opened! I sometimes buy very nice cards at the dollar store!

Funny truth!!! Cards are ridiculously expensive. That may be the reason I call instead. Lol! Looking forward to the next book!!

I love card stores, but like you hate the sticker shock. Card stores are where my BFF and I have made memories. We stand together or in different aisles just laughing and joking about what is written in the cards. Never have as much fun picking out cards without her.

Can’t wait for your next book! I agree with you on the price of cards, that’s why I make my own. Although with all the stuff I buy to make cute cards, they probably end up costing more.

The card business is a billion dollar operation! The prices are ridiculous. So. I have started ordering the Love Pop cards. Not only are they beautiful works of art, they are only a few dollars more than Hallmark cards.

I now make my own cards. It’s fun and more personal. Love ya, Lisa.

So yesterday was my birthday, Lisa. Your card must have been lost in the mail?😉 But looking forward to the epic!

Lisa ... you always say it right! Whatever is happening in my life ir head, you humorously but truthfully pen ... thanks! Hope to see you in Tom's River next weekend.

Ugh...the price of cards is outrageous. Totally agree about everything you said! I can’t wait for your new book!

I buy my cards at Dollar Tree, 2 for $1.00! With a stamp, it costs me $1.00 to say Happy anything. I have 13 siblings, so with spouses, children their spouses and children, we're up to 88 people! Thanks Mom and Dad, they were serious when they heard, Ye shall be fruitful and multiply!!

Lisa, this is what I do these days. Don't think I'm too cheap, but those cards are ever so costly. My hand refuses to pull the hi price card out, so we go to Dollar Tree right by me. Guess what, they have a cheaper, or lesser value Hallmark cards now. How exciting, it says Hallmark too and no, nothing about being cheap. I still get Hallmark cards to send out, but for only $1 dollar. Now that is jolly Christmas.

I started making my own cards because the cost was becoming outlandish. You can make them more personal and people seem to appreciate them more. You don’t need to be a great artist just a good Pintrest researcher.

This is so true. I am the kind of person that would read through all the cards at a Hallmark store to find one that says exactly what I want to express. They cost too much now and don't convey what I feel with so few words. I would love to see a line of cards you'd created as they'd be witty and fun! I can't wait for your next book and love reading your column on Sunday mornings. 😀❤

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