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From number one best-selling author Lisa Scottoline comes a pulse-pounding new novel.

Your family has been attacked, never again to be the same.

Now you have to choose between law…and justice.

Jason Bennett is a suburban dad who owns a court-reporting business, but one night, his life takes a horrific turn. He is driving his family home after his daughter’s field hockey game when a pickup truck begins tailgating them, on a dark stretch of road. Suddenly two men jump from the pickup and pull guns on Jason, demanding the car. A horrific flash of violence changes his life forever.

Later that awful night, Jason and his family receive a visit from the FBI. The agents tell them that the carjackers were members of a dangerous drug-trafficking organization – and now Jason and his family are in their crosshairs. The agents advise the Bennetts to enter the witness protection program right away, and they have no choice but to agree. But WITSEC was designed to protect criminal informants, not law-abiding families. Taken from all they know, trapped in an unfamiliar life, the Bennetts begin to fall apart at the seams. Then Jason learns a shocking truth and realizes that he has to take matters into his own hands.

Praise for What Happened to the Bennetts

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Now Available in Paperback


What war destroys, only love can heal.

Praise for Eternal

Debut Novel from Francesca Serritella

Lisa's daughter, Francesca Serritella, with whom she has written their funny memoirs every summer, had her first novel published on May 5, 2020. Lisa couldn’t be prouder of her! She thinks you’ll love it too. She hopes you order it today.

Ghosts of Harvard by Francesca Serritella Paperback Cover Image

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Philadelphia Magazine “Great Beach Read of 2020”

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Ghosts of Harvard is written with a masterly, focused hand, belying the fact that this is Serritella’s debut novel. The pages burn with frenetic energy and are peopled by memorable, compelling characters. The tension is palpable, the twists and surprises perfectly timed and the stakes as high as humans should be asked to endure. The end result, a novel you will long remember and characters you will want to see again. A triumph in every respect.”
—#1 New York Times bestselling author David Baldacci

“Wow, what a lively, compelling, and intoxicating debut. Ghosts of Harvard is so many things—a rumination on grief, a glimpse behind the ivory walls of a famous institution, a poignant look at mental illness, and a powerful story about the ghosts that haunt us all. Francesca Serritella is my new ‘go-to’ author.”
—#1 New York Times bestselling author Harlan Coben

“Every time I thought I knew where Ghosts of Harvard was heading, I turned out to be wrong. Part mystery, part ghost story, part psychological thriller, this novel is all entertainment.”
—#1 New York Times bestselling author Jodi Picoult

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21 hours ago
Lisa Scottoline
Monkey Hair 
By Lisa Scottoline  There are some things about being younger that I miss.
But theres something that I dont.
Namely, leg hair.
Come with me on my lifelong leg-hair journey.  Click to read the rest: https://www.scottoline.com/humorous-essays/

Monkey Hair
By Lisa Scottoline

There are some things about being younger that I miss.
But there's something that I don't.
Namely, leg hair.
Come with me on my lifelong leg-hair journey.

Click to read the rest: www.scottoline.com/humorous-essays/
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I had at friend tell me that would happen. I'm almost 69 and still waiting. The hair keeps on growing. How about chin hair? Eyebrows? Lol!

Too funny 😂thanks for the memories, lisa. yep. .mine have disappeared too, thank god. I dont bother to try to locate them. dont miss anything about them except my youth. the creativity of your mind amazes me, lisa scottoline, never ever stop writing please! enjoy this August Sunday. thanks for the laughs, monkey legs ! ti amo.

Thanks for the laughs!! The memory of this much discussed grooming obsession is spot on!!! Oh, and Nair did not do the trick on my monkey hair!! LOL!!! Safe to say, I’m on the other side of the growth now!! Phew!!!

So funny as usual. I don't think I will ever forget the smell of Nair. It was horrible!

O the smell of Nair still makes me want to 🤮. I still shave my legs every several days and I’m 71.

I'm 78 and Italian and still producing copious amounts of leg hair! It will never end.

As a young teen, my mother didn't want me to shave above the knee because it would cause the hair to grow in thicker. So I was permitted to use Nair. Besides the odor, my skin always felt numb after using it. I didn't think that was a good thing. And it took a long time to dissolve the hair, so you had to remain stationary until it was time to remove it. What is a 13/14 yr old going to do for half an hour in the bathroom in the 70's? We didn't have cellphones back then. Then my hair got the great idea to grow under the top layer of skin. So the chemicals didn't reach the hair and you could still see it...and it was long. I forget when I finally decided to shave with a razor, probably because it took so long to dig out the hairs from under the top layer of skin and I always missed some, but I figured it took far less time than Nair and my hair never grew under my skin trying to "avoid" contact with a chemical sought out to dissolve it! The fear of visible hair on your legs was real! Especially if a boy would see it and think, "ew hairy legs!" I remember wanting to ride my bike to go visit a friend but I hadn't Nair-ed my legs. I didn't have TIME to Nair my legs, but I wanted to ride to her house in the same day as the conversation about visiting her, so I tried to figure what to do to conceal the hair on my legs under my short shorts. I decided to wear pantyhose. Ok, that sounds good right? But for some reason I didn't wear nude pantyhose, I wore NAVY BLUE pantyhose. So...I'm a self-conscious 13 year old wearing blue pantyhose under short shorts riding a bike on an 80° sunny day. No one in a car could see my unshaven legs, but they could see my blue legs! I managed to bump into a boy about 4 years older than me, who I liked, and I thought "wow, I'm glad I wore pantyhose so he can't see my hairy legs." As we spoke, he glanced at my knee/thigh and said, "stockings, huh?" To which I nervously chuckled and replied, "yea." To this day I wonder if he would have even seen the hair on my legs or if it would have been commented on, but those pantyhose were definitely more visible to everyone than the hair. I'm now 63 and noticed a few years ago the hair on my legs was no longer visible unless it's long. I was gardening the other day and thought I had dirt on my leg... when i brushed it off, it was hair. I figured it was time to shave.

So true Lisa. Thank you for the Sunday morning humor.

Great read! No more hair here either! It’s wonderful! I feel for my 12 year old granddaughter.

I remember looking at my Grammy’s smooth legs & asking her how often she shaves them. She told me she doesn’t have to. I was perplexed but chalked it up to her diabetes. Lol, the jokes on me. I still shave - once in a great while. - great column. ❤️

I remember when I used soap to soften the hairs on my legs and the first time I shaved, I cut both ankles that I bled forever. Also cutting my shins very badly😜

Yep! Still shaving but once a week if that. When I was cycling regularly it was every other day and whilst I was there the pits may as well be done too! I could do without it travelling up to my chin though!

The leg hair seldom appears. No under arm hair, no stray hairs between the boobs. Gone! Oh, happy day😉

You make me laugh every Sunday! Totally relate with you, Lisa! 😊

When was a grade schooler I was very self conscious of my hairy arms and hence I shaved them but once. My legs were also a bother and the razors then were primitive and I hated when I got to my ankles and skinned them. Should have embraced my hairy hormonal self cause it’s hard to keep hair on my head now

Totally agree!!! Being of Greek decent we always worried about leg hair in ADDITION to the dreaded mustache hair! Fortunately at my age, the leg hair is nonexistent. Your article rang true for me! When I was a teenager we had to use the sandpaper type hair removal. I can still smell the odor while running it up and down my leg! Only used Nair on the upper lip hair. The smell was so strong!

I remember in college one girl on my dorm hall told a group of us she didn’t shave above her shorts line and she wore shorts to the mid thigh. She showed us her hairy upper thighs and we were horrified. She was engaged and we told her she was going to need to shave that for the wedding night.

😂😂😂😂 choking on my coffee because I’m remembering some not so picturesque moments with Nair 😳 and laughing my butt off

I remember my Italian mother saying “oh now you’ve done it, it will thicker and harder to keep up with? I was like 12 years old? And oh Lisa! Shaving the skin off my legs it was brutal I was a mess. Nare gave me a chemical burn. Ya didn’t miss a thing! Xo

I thought you were talking about me! You described me exactly. My Mom always told me I was hairy as a monkey growing up. But my hair was blond then and it did not show. As I got older I was exactly like you. My Mom said if you shaved your legs you would get 2 or 3 hairs back in the place of the one you shaved. She said you are already hairy as a monkey.😬😂

I'm there! It's wonderful. I remember having to shave 'against the grain' for a smoother shave

I can still smell the Nair! Will love the day I don't have to shave my legs.

You always make me smile with your stories. Thank you.

Too funny! Leg hair and eyebrows! 😂

OMG! I remember all the teen magazine had articles "how to avoid razor burn" and "close shaves here"... I followed all the suggestions... and still took off more skin than leg hair.

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2 days ago
Lisa Scottoline
Even Brian wants to know WHAT HAPPENED TO THE BENNETTS! Pick up a copy, now in paperback, and you can find out, too!

Even Brian wants to know WHAT HAPPENED TO THE BENNETTS! Pick up a copy, now in paperback, and you can find out, too! ... See MoreSee Less

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It’s rare to start a book and not want to stop reading. This book is that book. So many twist and turns and they keep coming. A great beach book, except you’ll never make it to the water! Lisa, thank you for writing this really great story.

I loved What Happened to the Bennetts. I hated putting it down. Eternal was also a fantastic book. Both very different stories but both equally great.

Such a fantastic book! Passed it around work and now onto family members. Everyone that has read it, loved it!

I just finished it the other day. Absolutely awesome book. Suspenseful, intelligent. LOVED IT!!!!! Thank you.

I just finished What Happened to the Bennett’s. As always, I got nothing done for 2 days because I couldn’t put it down! What a great read! Thank you !!!!!

Brian is such a handsome boy!! The book was great!!

For reasons I can't explain, years ago I put aside magazines I wanted to read but didn't have time for then. One was Ladies Home Journal from 2011. And there you were, with Francesca. You two still look the same! That was an unexpected treat.

Brian, you are quite the handsome guy! I agree - great book.

Just finished reading this book. What an amazing book. Im from South Africa and love all your books.

One of my favorites. Agree so many twists and turns didn’t want to put it down. Lisa I have loved reading your books for over 25 years and love going to everyone of your book signings that are local to me in Georgia. Keep writing and I’ll keep reading

I listened to the audiobook and I certainly did not anticipate how the story unfolded! Excellent and gripping story!

Loved this book .another winner in my book! Thank you!

What a great book, but all your books are awesome

Listen to Brian. He knows what’s up. A kickass novel for sure.

I was in Barnes & Noble about a month ago and needing the customer service desk employee. The woman in line ahead of me said she was looking for a book but she didn't know the author's name. She said she was looking for What Happened To The Bennets. I jumped in saying "Lisa Scottoline. Excellent book". Lol! I'm not even employed there.

Just finished reading this book, absolutely loved it!

That was a great great book.

It was so good. Had a hard time putting it down.

Finished it a few weeks ago and I’m still thinking about it! Just great!

I’m listening to it on audiobook right now! Well, not actually RIGHT NOW while I’m on Facebook but you know what I mean! It’s awesome!

Great read! Loved it. And love Brian too! Thanks Lisa!

Such a good book…loved it!

I’m listening to this book and loving it!

Just finished it. Wasn’t sure where it was going but OMG what a twist and turn. I should have expected that !!!

Oh ...I loved it...got on CD...I had a wonderful drive to NJ...thank you!!

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