#1 best-selling author Lisa Scottoline delivers Loyalty, an emotional, action-packed epic of love and justice, set during the rise of the Mafia in Sicily.

Loyalty can save a soul, or destroy one.

Franco Fiorvanti is a handsome lemon grower toiling on the estate of a baron. He dreams of owning his own grove, but the rigid class system of Sicily thwarts his ambition. Determined to secure a better future, Franco will do anything to prove his loyalty to the baron. But when the baron asks him to kidnap a little boy named Dante, Franco makes a decision that will change his life — and even the history of Sicily — forever.

Gaetano Catalano is an idealistic young lawyer whose devotion to justice is tantamount to a calling. He’s a member of the Beati Paoli, a real-life secret society of aristocrats who investigate crime in Palermo, a city riddled with graft. Gaetano sets out to find the boy and punish the kidnapper, but his mission leads him to a darker place than he had ever imagined.

Meanwhile, Mafalda Pancari is a new mother rejoicing at the birth of her daughter Lucia, when disaster strikes. And Alfredo D’Antonio is a goatherd living as a hermit, under constant threat of being discovered as a Jew.

This cast of unforgettable characters collides in this epic tale of good versus evil, as Loyalty twists and turns to its monumental showdown. Readers will be transported to the dramatic and ruggedly beautiful island of Sicily, the jewel of the Mediterranean, where lush lemon groves and mouth-watering cuisine contrast with a turbulent history of colonization and corruption. Scottoline brings her decades of thriller writing to historical fiction, creating in Loyalty a singular novel that no reader will be able to put down.

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★ Amazon Best Book of 2022 - Mystery/Suspense/Thriller of the Year

Kirkus Reviews Best Book of 2022 - Mystery/Thriller of the Year

★ #2 New York Times Bestseller

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What Happened to the Bennetts

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What war destroys, only love can heal.

Debut Novel from Francesca Serritella

Lisa's daughter, Francesca Serritella, with whom she has written their funny memoirs every summer, had her first novel published on May 5, 2020. Lisa couldn’t be prouder of her! She thinks you’ll love it too. She hopes you order it today.

Ghosts of Harvard by Francesca Serritella Paperback Cover Image

★ Best First Novel Finalist– International Thriller Writers

Philadelphia Magazine “Great Beach Read of 2020”

★ Amazon Editor’s Pick for “Best of the Month”

★ Goodreads “May’s Most Anticipated Novel”

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Ghosts of Harvard is written with a masterly, focused hand, belying the fact that this is Serritella’s debut novel. The pages burn with frenetic energy and are peopled by memorable, compelling characters. The tension is palpable, the twists and surprises perfectly timed and the stakes as high as humans should be asked to endure. The end result, a novel you will long remember and characters you will want to see again. A triumph in every respect.”
—#1 New York Times bestselling author David Baldacci

“Wow, what a lively, compelling, and intoxicating debut. Ghosts of Harvard is so many things—a rumination on grief, a glimpse behind the ivory walls of a famous institution, a poignant look at mental illness, and a powerful story about the ghosts that haunt us all. Francesca Serritella is my new ‘go-to’ author.”
—#1 New York Times bestselling author Harlan Coben

“Every time I thought I knew where Ghosts of Harvard was heading, I turned out to be wrong. Part mystery, part ghost story, part psychological thriller, this novel is all entertainment.”
—#1 New York Times bestselling author Jodi Picoult

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4 hours ago
Lisa Scottoline
Goodnight To All That
By Lisa Scottoline  I love the simple things.
Like a flannel nightgown.
I cant even tell you how much I love my new nightgown.
I cant even wait to go to bed at night so I can put it on.
Who gets excited about a nightgown?
I DO.  Click to read the rest: https://www.scottoline.com/humorous-essays/

Goodnight To All That
By Lisa Scottoline

I love the simple things.
Like a flannel nightgown.
I can't even tell you how much I love my new nightgown.
I can't even wait to go to bed at night so I can put it on.
Who gets excited about a nightgown?

Click to read the rest: www.scottoline.com/humorous-essays/
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Thanks for that story…I don’t recall “sleepovers” as a kid…except with cousins..we were all in the same “boat”.. none of us had nightgowns..comfortable pajamas,yes.Being with them was fun,and breakfast was something we looked forward to having together,with my uncle doing the cooking!!…Thanks for the reminder,and enjoy your nightgowns.👌💤

Love the column today! I was never comfortable in nightgowns, but I love the idea of flannel and cozy patterns! I also love plaid, and my PJs from Lands End are plaid pants..lol! What I love most about this essay is how you evoke the feelings of insecurity and always feeling left out..my childhood experiences to a T! Thank you for always getting it right!💜❤️💜❤️

I loved your column today! It brought back so many memories of my Lanz nightgowns from the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s. My daughter even wore them in the 80’s! In fact, I can still picture my red flannel one with the little flowers 60 years later. Thanks for sharing your story with us and I am so excited you finally got a Lanz nightgown!

This one hit home. Loved it. …”girlfriends, all of whom loved me more than I loved myself. Until now.” I remembered those pajama parties of long ago and hand-me-down clothes. It’s so nice to get older and feel comfortable in your own skin—no matter what others think.

I had a similar experience when I went away to college and “everyone “ seemed to have Lanz nightgowns. They wore them like we do lounging clothes now and one girl actually always wore her pearls with hers! Well I just had to have one and my mother made sure it was under the Christmas tree in 1979 for me. ❤️ Enjoy your cozy nights or take a page out of the college girls from 1979 and wear it all day but don’t forget your pearls! 😍

I just ordered a Lanz nightgown online. My grandmother used to wear them many years ago. She would buy them for us for Christmas.

I used to love flannel nightgowns. Now I have to have flannel pjs because the nightgowns did twist & bunched up. Mother Mary was right!😃

Your column today hit home. I also grew up in a nice place full of well-to-do families, but I lived in the blue-collar neighborhood. Although we never had sleepovers, my mom DID buy me winter flannel nightgowns, albeit from Sears Catalog or possibly a local merchandise store similar to Target. I loved them so much that, to this day, I wear nightgowns.... in all seasons! No PJs for me!! Even on Pajama Day at school, no one said anything about the girl who wore a full-length nightgown. <3

I’m wearing the exact same one now. I have three in green and two in the red plaid. I love them and wear them at night all year long because I’m always cold.

I'm right there with you Lisa. We weren't allowed to go to sleepovers, though. But, I remember always wishing I had what my friend had. Now I look back and realize it all was perfect. Close family, fun times, doing without sparked a lot of creativity, and it was the relationships and people that mattered the most, not the things

I love nightgowns, no matter the season, . When I have worn PJs, it always felt like I was wearing my clothes to bed. This particular column brought back so many memories. Thanks, Lisa. See you tomorrow. ✌🏼❤️🤗

I love my nightgown but my granddaughter doesn’t she thinks I need PJs!😋🤩

Lucky me! Mom always bought me flannel nightgowns. She also worked for an insurance company. I would curl up with the nightgown wrapped around my feet. Thank you for the wonderful memories.

Ok. So my sister and I had these nightgowns. Mom even saved the fabric after we girls outgrew them and used them as cleaning rags to Windex down the coffee table every day. So, I still have that piece of fabric. And yes, I have been thinking of ordering one as well! So funny you should write about this very topic! I used to sleep in T-shirts until I had to go on an insulin pump, and I needed pajama bottims with a pocket now to hold the insulin pump. But the company makes pjs with pockets too, not just the gowns! Happy/funny memory!

Love it!!! This really hit home! I got my first one as an adult and I treasure it! I never had the villager clothes or Etieneshoes and handbag either and I guess I have the same old CHIP! Thanks for sharing’

I just love your weekly Chic Whit! So glad I signed up to get them in my email.

I’m glad you mentioned twisting. I avoid nightgowns for that reason. Flannel pjs are my cold weather choice.

Love this!! As a once little girl who didn't have the "cool" clothes, this rings so true ♡

I can’t have anything bunched around my ankles. And yes, I said I was thankful for you at thanksgiving dinner. Got a few confused looks but they are family and accept me for whom I am.

I love my black watch plaid pajamas. Must have legs covered! ENJOY your new nightgown. Lanz is the best! Enjoy a lovely day.🥰❤️❤️

I also love those nice warm cozy nightgowns! Enjoy!

I have a beautiful white flannel nightgown that I rarely wear and I got it out the other night. It's a thick flannel and has an open square collar with ribbon & eyelet lace. I don't wear it often because i prefer something that covers my collar bone. But I got it out the other night because I'm in the "wear it or get rid of it" stage in my life. It's wonderful. I feel like I have a new nightgown and I haven't been cold at all despite the open neckline. It is so hard to find COTTON pajamas. Everything is polyester and I am an inferno in them. I thought cotton was grown in America. What are they doing with all the cotton? I've actually bought cotton t-shirts to sleep in because I can't find cotton pj's.

I love nightwear.

I love a new nightgown!

Loved this - my grandmother always got us Lanz nightgowns. And the memory of Etienne Agner!!!

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2 days ago
Lisa Scottoline

Holiday card shoot going well. ... See MoreSee Less

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"Get it off" Puppy so annoyed. Dont care about photo

I look forward to your Christmas card every year!! Love your books, love your dogs and love my fav author!!!

Love a pupwith attitude

I love it! I am not wearing these stinking ears! And you can’t make me! 🤣🤣🤣

So cute. There’s always that one “kid”.

My Cavaliers would throw them off their head and then eat them 🤦‍♀️

Cutest dogs ever. One of my cats does the same thing.

They are absolutely adorable in their little head gear! But there is going to be one naughty one on Santa’s list! 🤣

I love them

Every pack has a diva!

Mine actually made it long enough for a decent shot. ALFIE looking festive 🎄

Momma Peach is not in the holiday mood! Lol!

I saved leftover bacon - hope it helps us!

You are so lucky and lovely. As well as those who are supposed to be posing.

What an adorably beautiful fur-family you have!

They're all so cute, but there's always one with an "attitude". Love it.

Good on him! ; ) He knows he’s gorgeous all on his own … doesn’t need any silly reindeer antlers! 🤣🐾💕

how cute is this all three of them just sitting there

Saying I’m cute just the way I am.

That must be Boone! Too funny! I can’t stop watching.😍

Just like kids. They don’t understand that if they would just pose correctly for 10 seconds they would be free to go!

This one likes the headband about as much as my little chihuahua did (which was not at all!)

They are so adorable! ❤️

There's one in every family with three kids that's just NOT HAVING IT! 😂

they are adorable

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