Think Twice

Is evil born or bred? This is the question Bennie Rosato must answer after her twin sister, Alice Connolly, drugs her and leaves for dead, buried underground in a remote field. As Alice slips easily into Bennie’s life, doing her job, interacting with her friends, seducing her boyfriend, she never counts on the fact that Bennie is tougher than she seems. And that, against all odds, Bennie will escape. But escaping is only the first challenge. Alice’s sociopathic lies are so believable that she has everyone convinced that she is Bennie, and Bennie is her deranged twin sister Alice. As Bennie descends further into Alice’s life, she starts to feel the pull of evil herself. As the clock ticks and Alice gets closer to her ultimate goal, Bennie must face the shocking truth that she is perhaps more like Alice than she ever realized.

“With a brilliant mix of the perfect ingredients for gut-wrenching suspense, Lisa Scottoline introduces fans to Bennie Rosato and Alice Connolly in THINK TWICE. Identical twins—only in appearance—these two women couldn’t be more different. A focused, consummate professional, Bennie finds herself fighting for her life when Alice decides to impersonate her. Truly evil and extraordinarily creative, Alice easily slips into her sister’s world with one goal. Personal gratification at any cost. In expert fashion, Scottoline constructs the anxiety in intense emotional layers; peppering her story with humorous breaks and heartrending moments only to slam readers back into the chilling controversy without warning. Surpassing others in her field, Scottoline’sTHINK TWICE is everything thriller fans crave and more.”
–Suspense Magazine

“Readers who enjoy warm, believable characters, a touch of romance with their suspense, and a bit of humor will be delighted with the gang at Rosato’s. Scottoline’s intricate plot will keep thriller fans turning those pages.”
–Library Journal

“A thriller that feels like an instant classic.”
–Joe Meyers of the Connecticut Post

“You won’t put it down.”
–Kirkus Reviews

Think Twice

By Lisa Scottoline


Bennie Rosato didn’t have anything in common with her identical twin, except their DNA. They shared the same blue eyes, strong cheekbones, and full mouth, but whenever Bennie looked at Alice Connelly, all she could see were their differences. Tonight, Bennie had on a khaki suit, white shirt, and brown pumps, her lawyer uniform. Alice had on tight shorts with a low-cut black top, flaunting cleavage that Bennie didn’t even know they had. She made a mental note to look down her shirt, after she got home.

Alice was making dinner and she opened the oven door, releasing the aroma of roasting chicken. “Finally, it’s ready.”

“Smells great.”

“You sound surprised.”

“Not at all.” Bennie changed the subject. “I like your new house, it’s great.”

“Yeah, right.” Alice turned, carving fork in hand. “Why are you being so condescending?”

“I’m not.”

“You are, too. It’ll look better when I move all my stuff in, and the rent is low, since the estate can’t sell it. That’s the only way I could afford it. I don’t have your money.”

Bennie let it go. “It’s good that it came furnished.”

“This crap? It’s dead people furniture.” Alice pushed back a smooth strand of hair, yet another difference between them. She blew-dry her hair straight, and her eyeliner was perfect. Bennie let her hair curl naturally and thought Chapstick was makeup.

She sipped her wine, feeling warm. There was no air conditioning, and the kitchen was small and spare except for knobby wooden chairs and a dark wood table. A greenish glass fixture gave little light, and cracks zigzagged down the plaster like summer lightning. Still the cottage had a rustic charm, especially set in the rolling countryside of southeastern Pennsylvania, an hour or so outside of Philadelphia.

Alice plopped the chicken on the table, then sat down. “Don’t panic, it’s organic.”

“You’re eating healthy now, huh?”

“What do you mean? I always did. So, are you dating anybody?” Alice asked.


“How long’s it been since you got laid?”

“Nice talk.” Bennie bit into a potato, which tasted good. “If I remembered sex, I’d miss it.”

“Whatever happened to that lawyer you lived with? What was his name again?”

“Grady Wells.” Bennie felt a pang. She’d get over Grady, any decade now.

“So what happened?”

“Didn’t work out.” Bennie ate quickly. It had taken forever to get here from Philly, in rush hour traffic. She wouldn’t get home until midnight, which wasn’t the way she wanted to end an exhausting week.

“Who’d you see after Grady?”

“Nobody serious.”

“So he’s the one that got away?”

Bennie kept her head down, hiding her expression. She couldn’t understand how Alice always intuited so much about her. They’d never lived together, even as babies, though Alice claimed to have memories from the womb. Bennie couldn’t even remember where she put her car keys.

“So, what’s new in your life? Don’t give me the official version. I read the website.”

“Nothing but work. How about you?”

“I’m seeing a few nice guys, and I’m working out. I even joined a gym.” Alice made a muscle of her slim arm. “See?”

“Good.” Bennie had been an elite rower in her time, but she’d been too busy lately to exercise. “By the way, I hear great things about the job you’re doing at PLG. Karen thinks you’re terrific.”

“Are you keeping tabs on me, now?”

“Of course not. I ran into her, at a benefit.”

Alice arched an eyebrow. “Does she have to report to you, just because you got me the job?”

“No, but If I see her, we talk. She knows me, like she knows most of the bar association. She has to, we all support the Public Law Group.” Bennie felt a headache coming on. She’d lost a motion in court this morning, and it was turning out to be the high point of her day.

“So what did she say, exactly? She loves to gossip.”

“It wasn’t like that.” Bennie sipped her wine, but it didn’t help. “All she said was that they like you. They have you doing office administration, payroll and personnel, in addition to the paralegal work.”

“Not anymore. I quit.”

“What?” Bennie said, blind-sided. “You quit PLG? When?”

“The other day. It wasn’t for me, and the money sucked.”

“But you have to start somewhere.” Bennie couldn’t hide her dismay. She’d stuck her neck out for Alice and now her friends at PLG would be left in the lurch. “They would have promoted you, in time.”

“When, ten years?” Alice rolled her eyes. “The work was boring, and the people were so freaking annoying. I’d rather work with you, at Rosato & Associates.”

Bennie’s mouth went dry. She couldn’t imagine Alice at her firm. “I don’t need a paralegal.”

“I can answer phones.”

“I already have a receptionist.”

“So fire her ass.”

Bennie felt cranky. Maybe it was the headache, which was a doozy. “I like her. I would never do that to her.”

“Not even for me? We’re the only family we have.”

“No.” Bennie tried to keep a civil tongue. Being her sister’s keeper was getting old. “I can’t fire her. I won’t.”

“Okay, fine, then think outside the box. You need somebody to run the office, don’t you?”

“I run the office.”

Alice snorted. “If you ask me, you could use a hand with personnel. Those girls who work for you need a life lesson, especially the little one, Mary DiNunzio. Time for girlfriend to grow up.”

“That’s not true.” Bennie wished she hadn’t come. Her stomach felt queasy. Her appetite had vanished. She set down her fork. “DiNunzio’s a good lawyer. She should make partner next month.”

“Whatever, then I’ll be your assistant. I’ll take ninety grand, to start.”

“Listen I can’t always be the solution to your problems.” Bennie’s head thundered. “I got you a job, and you quit it. If you want another job, go out and find one.”

“Thanks, Mom.” Alice smiled sourly. “The economy’s in the toilet, if you haven’t noticed.”

“You should have thought of that before, and you’ll find something, if you try. You went to college, and you have lots ofƒabilities and, oh, my headƒ.” Suddenly the kitchen whirled like spin art, and Bennie collapsed onto the table. Her face landed on the edge of her dirty plate, and her hand upset her water glass.

“Aww, got a headache?” Alice chuckled. “Too bad.”

Bennie didn’t know what was happening. She felt impossibly drunk. Her eyes wouldn’t stay open.

“You’re such a fool. You think I’d really want to work for you?”

Bennie tried to lift her head up, but couldn’t. All her strength had left her body. Sound and colors swirled together.

“Give it up. It’s over.”

Bennie watched, helpless, as darkness descended.

© Lisa Scottoline 2010

Think Twice

Questions for Book Clubs

  1. On the first page, we are told that Bennie and Alice, despite identical DNA, are polar opposites—but are they? Aside from appearance, in what ways are these women “twins?” What traits do they share?
  2. Alice was given up for adoption and Bennie was raised by their mother. Who do you think had a better life? Why? What impact do you think this had on the person Alice has become? Do you think Alice uses this as justification for her horrible acts? Does Bennie owe Alice anything? Why or why not?
  3. THINK TWICE asks the question, Is evil born or bred? How does the book explore the question, and how would you answer that question? Do you think there can be evil in a good person, and good in an evil person? Explain. When pushed to the limit, do you think we are all capable of evil? Talk about what might make you do something you would otherwise never do.
  4. Both Alice and Bennie have a chance to kill one another, yet neither goes through with it. Why do you think that is?
  5. What is the significance of Alice’s decision to bury Bennie alive? Is it cruel torture, a flash of compassion, or simply an error in judgment? In what ways have they both “buried” each other over the years? Is this act metaphoric of something else?
  6. If Valentina had not intervened, do you think Bennie would have shot and killed Alice? Would she have been justified? Would you have forgiven her? Is that the same question? In what way would killing Alice have led to Bennie’s own destruction?
  7. Why is it unsettling to imagine one has a doppelganger, a double, a second self walking the earth? If you found out that you had a twin you had never met, would you feel excited to embrace your long lost sibling, or would you feel threatened by this other you? What impact do you think it would have on your life and close relationships?
  8. Mary DiNunzio has worked closely with Bennie for years, yet she was easily fooled by Alice. Why? Why was Mary so inclined to believe Alice’s impersonation? Was she just distracted by her recent troubles with Anthony, or was she blinded by Bennie’s new found admiration for her?
  9. Speaking of her relationship trouble, what did you think about Mary’s decision about the house? Did you agree or disagree? Why? Is Anthony old-fashioned to want to be the main breadwinner in their relationship, or is that urge to provide in a man’s nature? How are disparate salaries playing a role in today’s relationships?
  10. Is Valentina a real witch or a charlatan? Does she have superpowers or just a good gut instinct? Do you trust your instincts? Have you ever had an experience that lead you to believe you might have a sixth sense?

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